Elevate your watch game:

The 'On the Fly' Extension Link

Upgrade your watch with the precision-machined 'On the Fly' Extension Link. Now available for Rolex, Tudor and Zenith models, Hassle-free adjustment by +/- 5mm for a perfect fit every time.

It's official - The Rolex 'On the FLY' extension link is in now stock!

Available for all 5 & 6-digit Oyster models. 'On the Fly' Jubilee links arriving soon!

The Zenith 'on the fly' extension link is ready for worldwide shipping

Available for the El Primero Chronomaster Sport, Chronomaster Open & Chronomaster Original

The black bay extension link

The Black Bay is one of the most popular and successful watch lines in recent years. But it is no secret that with its lack of micro-adjustment the bracelet leaves much to be desired

Not only do our Extension Links enable a comfortable and precise fit, but more importantly they allow for 'on the fly' adjustment by +/- 5mm

Hidden beneath the clasp, this easy and reversible solution allows owners to revert to using their original OEM bracelet, returning to the Black Bay's iconic styling - as the watch was designed to be worn


With a brushed surface finish and mirror polished sides, our extension links blend seamlessly with your existing bracelet

Machined to a tolerance of just 0.002mm using the same 316L stainless steel as the Black Bay range