Rolex and COMEX: A Pivotal Partnership in Diving Watch History

Rolex and COMEX: A Pivotal Partnership in Diving Watch History

One of the most noteworthy partnerships in Rolex's history is its collaboration with the French commercial diving company, Compagnie Maritime d'Expertises (COMEX). In the 1960s, COMEX divers began using Rolex Submariner watches during their deep-sea dives, and Rolex quickly became their go-to brand for diving watches.

The COMEX partnership played a significant role in Rolex's development of its Sea-Dweller model. COMEX divers often worked at depths of up to 500 meters, which created a need for a watch with even greater water resistance and durability than the Submariner. Rolex worked closely with COMEX to design a watch that could withstand the extreme conditions of deep-sea diving, and the result was the Sea-Dweller.

The Sea-Dweller featured a thicker case and crystal than the Submariner, as well as a helium escape valve to prevent damage from the buildup of gases during decompression. The Sea-Dweller also had a depth rating of 610 meters, making it the most water-resistant watch on the market at the time.

Rolex's partnership with COMEX continued throughout the years, and COMEX divers even helped test and refine new Rolex models, including the Deepsea. Today, vintage Rolex watches that were used by COMEX divers are highly prized by collectors, and the partnership between Rolex and COMEX is remembered as a pivotal moment in diving watch history.

Rolex has a long and storied history when it comes to diving watches. From the groundbreaking Oyster to the cutting-edge Deepsea, Rolex has consistently pushed the boundaries of what a diving watch can do. With its advanced features, cutting-edge technologies, and legendary reputation, Rolex watches are the top choice for professional divers and maritime explorers around the world. And with partnerships like COMEX, Rolex continues to innovate and refine its diving watches, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the diving watch industry for years to come.

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